Ramadan 28: An Opportunity that Cannot Be Missed in Ramadan – An Easy and Effective Way to Quit Smoking

You have a chance in Ramadan to quit smoking for good. You are prepared in these blessed days psychologically and physically to have patience. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Do not cause harm or return harm.” (Narrated by Ahmad) Everything in which causes harm must be terminated because causing harm is contrary to Islamic law and reason.


An Easy and Effective Way to Quit Smoking.

Cream of tartar can help in cleaning the body of nicotine. The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal from the body: anger, anxiety, depression, impatience, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, dizziness, cough, and mouth ulcers.

Potassium in cream of tartar and vitamin (C) in orange juice help detoxify the body, including from nicotine, and making nicotine cravings dissipate faster so you can easily quit smoking.




The Method:

  • Put a teaspoon of cream of tartar in a cup.

  • Add one cup of fresh organic orange juice to the cream of tartar.

  • Mix it with a spoon until the cream of tartar dissolves. Then drink the mixture.



Must use natural orange juice.

Consuming the mixture at night before going to bed will help detoxify the body more effectively as the metabolic process is slower during sleep.

Drink this mixture once a day until you stop craving for nicotine. This may take from 7 to 21 days, depending on the number of cigarettes you smoke daily.

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Food -- The Alternative Medicine is a blog about foods that I mostly have tried in the past 10 years to reduce or replace the medicine I am taking. I am a woman in the early fifties. I have suffered from several illnesses, from diabetes to high blood pressure and cholesterol and other medical issues. I have used many different kinds of foods and drinks to alleviate the symptoms of these illnesses. In this blog I will talk about each food and its benefit. Please Consult your physician before using any alternative. الغذاء -- الطب البديل هو مدونة عن الأطعمة التي جربتها في الغالب في السنوات العشر الماضية لخفض أو استبدال الدواء الذي أتناوله. أنا امرأة في أوائل الخمسينات. لقد عانيت من عدة أمراض ، كمرض السكري إ، وارتفاع ضغط الدم ، والكولسترول وغيرها من أمور طبية. لقد استخدمت العديد من الأنواع المختلفة من الأطعمة والمشروبات للتخفيف من أعراض هذه الأمراض. في هذه المدونة سأتحدث عن كل نوع طعام وفوائده. يرجى استشارة الطبيب قبل استخدام أي علاج بديل.

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