Wrinkle Defense – How to Slow Aging

What Causes Wrinkles?

Our skin consists of two layers: the outer layer and another layer below it. Wrinkles happen in the below layer that is made up of collagen and other proteins. The collagen is the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues is often considered the glue that holds the body together. And it is what makes our skin elastic and smooth. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, which results in saggy skin with wrinkles.


Some factors that cause the skin to wrinkle: stress, sun damage, Smoking, dehydration, pollution and toxins, and natural aging.

Methods to Avoid Wrinkles:

Avoid Stress

Facing a high level of daily stress, at home and work sometimes leads to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Try different ways to deal with and adapt to the causes of tension because the stress hormone degrades collagen in the body, which causes wrinkles.

Stay Out of The Sun

The skin wrinkles fast if it was exposed to too much ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The sun does the same to your skin as it does to dried fruits. If you stay out in the sun for a while, make sure to use a sunblock with a high sun protection factor. And if you want to avoid the sun, make sure to take vitamin D.

Keep Away from Tanning Salons

Tanning salons will get you wrinkles fast since tanning booths produce the same ultraviolet radiation as the sun. Therefore, try to avoid going to tanning salons.

Stay Hydrated

Always stay hydrated because water will keep your skin moisturized, at the same time, it will help you detoxify your body.

Avoid Yo-Yo Dieting

Yo-yo dieting will get your skin wrinkled. When you gain weight, your skin stretches and when you lose the weight you will get wrinkles. When you keep gaining then losing weight frequently, your skin will lose its elasticity causing you to have a lot of wrinkles.

Stay in Shape

Make sure to have time to exercise. People who exercise usually have healthier and more elastic skin than people who do not exercise.

Eat Healthy

Eat healthy and make sure to have all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants through food to maintain youthful skin. Make sure to include the important vitamins for the skin like Vitamin A, C, E, and the B-Complex. In addition, eat good saturated fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil to keep your skin more elastic and resistant to sun damage.

Take Collagen

Take a dietary supplement of natural collagen will help you keep your skin healthy. You need to replace the collagen your body loses as you age to keep your skin elastic and smooth.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking could lead to premature wrinkling especially around the mouth. Besides that, it is very bad for your health.

Massage Your Face

Massaging your face and neck regularly increases circulation to your facial tissue. Rub your face and neck with thumbs and the palms of your hands. The massage helps to lift and firm the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and relaxing your facial muscles.

Avoid Pillow Wrinkles

Pressing your face into the pillow will get you wrinkles in the long run. Try to find a sleeping position that does not make you press your face hard into the pillow or use a medical pillow.

Use a Natural Moisturizer

The use of a moisturizer can hide small wrinkles. Use a natural moisturizer like coconut oil to avoid harmful chemicals that commercial moisturizers contain.

Use a Mild Soap

Use a mild soap to wash your face and rinse very well. There is no need to scrub your skin excessively – wash your face gently to prevent it from drying.

Say No to Lotions and Creams That Promise You Miracles

Finally, do not buy expensive lotions and creams that promise you miracles because they are misleading and usually do not work. You end up spending your money for nothing.


The Amazing Benefits of Avocado Oil for the Skin

فوائد زيت الافوكادو المدهشة للبشرة

في هذا الفيديو اتكلم عن فوائد زيت الافوكادو للبشرة. يتمتع زيت الأفوكادو بالعديد من الفوائد الصحية، بما في ذلك مضادات الأكسدة والدهون الصحية. في حين يعرف زيت الأفوكادو بإستخداماته في الطهي، إلا أنه يمكن أن يستخدم أيضًا في العناية بالبشرة. زيت الأفوكادو مفيد جدا للبشرة. يتم استخدامه في منتجات العناية بالبشرة مثل الكريمات، المرطبات، وواقيات الشمس.ب

In this video I talk about the benefits of avocado oil for the skin. Avocado oil has many health benefits, including antioxidants and healthy fats. Avocado oil is best known for its cooking, but it is also used in skin care. The avocado oil can is very beneficial to skin. It is used in skin care products such as creams, moisturizers, and sunscreens.

7 Foods for Strong Healthy Hair Growth

أطعمة لتغذية ونمو الشعر

ترقق وتساقط الشعر مسألة حساسة واساسية لمظهر الشخص

لطالما اهتم النساء والرجال بمسألة ترقق وتساقط الشعر لأنها مسألة أساسية وحساسة لمظهر الشخص. هناك الكثير من الطرائف والنكات حول هذه المسألة لتجعل الناس يتناولن هذه المشكلة بشكل مرح وبرحابة صدر رغم أنه وضع حساس وحرج للبعض.ب

التأمين ضد الصلع

وحتى أن بعض الثقافات ذهبت لأبعد من ذلك بالنسبة لمسألة تساقط الشعر. فإن الإيطاليين القلقين على حسن مظهرهم الخارجي بدؤوا يقبلون قبل عدة سنوات على التأمين ضد الصلع. لقد تم تطوير هذا النوع من التأمين من قبل شركة تأمين إيطالية وسلسلة من عيادات العناية بالشعر حيث يدفع الشخص قسطاً سنوياً لتأمين شعره. وقيمة التعويض تكون حسب كمية الشعر التي فقدها الزبون من تاريخ انضمامه إلى برنامج التأمين وحتى تاريخ مطالبتِه بالتعويض.ب

يتساقط الشعر بسبب نقص فيتامينات او لأسباب مرضية اخرى

من المرجح أن يفقد الرجال شعرهم أكثر من النساء، لكن ترقق وتساقط الشعر شائع أيضًا عند النساء. يمكن أن تتراوح الأسباب من نقص فيتامينات إلى أسباب اكثر تعقيدًا، مثل حالة صحية كامنة. هناك طرق لعلاج تساقط الشعر. وطبعا هذا يتوقف على السبب. وهذه بعض الأطعمة في هذا الفيديو التي تساعد على تقوية ونمو الشعر.ب

7 Foods for Strong Healthy Hair Growth

Thinning and Hair Loss is a Sensitive and Basic Issue for a Person’s Appearance

Women and men have long been concerned about hair thinning and hair loss because it is an essential and sensitive issue to the person’s appearance. There are a lot of jokes about this issue to make people deal with this problem in a fun and joyful way, although it is a sensitive situation for some.

Insurance Against Baldness

And even some cultures went further on the hair loss issue. Italians who are concerned about their good looks are buying insurance against baldness. This type of insurance has been developed by an Italian insurance company and a series of hair care clinics where the person pays a yearly premium to secure his hair. The amount of compensation is the amount of hair loss by the customer from the date of joining the insurance program until the date of his claim for compensation.

Hair Loss is Due to a Lack of Vitamins or Other Medical Causes

Men are more likely to lose their hair than women, but thinning hair and hair loss are also common in women. The reasons can range from a vitamin deficiency to the more complex, like an underlying health condition. There are ways to treat hair loss. It all depends on the cause. Here are some foods that help with hair growth.

The Wonderful Beauty Benefits of Ginger

الفوائد التجميلية الرائعة للزنجبيل

بدأ العرب استخدام الزنجبيل بالطب الشعبي او الطب التقليدي منذ مئات السنين. والزنجبيل له قيمة كبيرة في الثقافة العربية والإسلامية لعدة فوائده. قال الله تعالى في كتابه الكريم: “وَيُسْقَوْنَ فِيهَا كَأْسًا كَانَ مِزَاجُهَا زَنجَبِيلًا“.ب

The Wonderful Beauty Benefits of Ginger

Arabs have started using ginger with traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Ginger has a great value in Arab and Islamic culture for its many benefits. God Almighty said in his holy book: “Therein they shall be served a cup flavored with ginger.”   



يحتوي الزنجبيل على العديد من مضادات الأكسدة، والفيتامينات، والمعادن، والأحماض الدهنية. يستخدم الزنجبيل لمعالجة العديد من المشاكل الصحية والأمراض مثل: تخفيف أعراض البرد والسعال، تخفيف آلام المفاصل، تنظيم مستوى السكر بالدم، معالجة القيء والغثيان، وأمراض المعدة، آلام الدورة الشهرية، وغيرها. الزنجبيل لديه فوائد تجميلية ايضا. يمكن أن يمنحك شعر وجلد أكثر صحة وجمالا. تناول الزنجبيل وتطبيقه على الجسم له فوائد كبيرة لمكافحة الشيخوخة.ب

Ginger contains many antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Ginger is used to treating many health problems and diseases such as: relieve cold and cough symptoms, relieve joint pain, regulate blood sugar level, treatment of vomiting and nausea, stomach disease, menstrual pain. Ginger also has cosmetic benefits. It can give you more healthy and beautiful hair and skin. Taking ginger and applying it to the body has great anti-aging benefits.